Hey, this is Junix.

冰冻三尺 非一日之寒
积土成山 非斯须之作

An Arch+KDE user. Linux people like me are divided into two general categories. There are the people who hate Mac but they really hate Windows and there are people who hate Windows but really really hate Mac(unrepairable, breakable, and generally bad for an enormous price) and I am definitely of the latter category.

This is my personal blog built with GitHub Pages and Jekyll. My github homepage: 👉GitHub·junyixu and my Telegram: "@jy0x0". If you have any advice, idea or thought, or you'd like to exchange friendship URLs with me, I'll be very delighted, and please feel free to leave a message~

Fingerprint: 1AA6 8882 0EA7 4670 1D63 2C2E D275 031A 139E E901